Grain boundary strain in nickel base alloy

Introduction High sensitivity EBSD, also known as high resolution EBSD is now in general use for the determination of elastic strain and very small rotations1.  Below are shown measured rotations, and normal strains using this technique to investigate grain boundary effects in an annealed sample of nickel based superalloy.     Figure 1 Rotation and […]

Raman Sample
Strain measurement using EBSD and Raman

Introduction There are several established techniques that allow the measurement of strain in materials and structures on a macro scale such as X-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction. However, these are of limited value in the understanding of the microscopic, or nanoscale, strain characteristics that may help to improve the design of, or to understand failure […]

Improved EBSD resolution using CrossCourt

Introduction A nice example of how sensitivity and resolution is improved using CrossCourt to generate comparative Kernel Average Misorientation maps -or “KAM’s”. The KAM map has become a standard method for indicating small, relative differences in crystallographic orientation (angular misorientations) between neighboring points in the specimen. Traditional EBSD applications such as OIM by EDAX-TSL and INCA/AZtec by […]