Built from these powerful packages and features


Project Selection

Import your conventional EBSD data (file formats of all 3 major EBSD suppliers supported) and save your HR EBSD results as a CrossCourt4 project file as well as exporting to other 3rd party tools.               


HR Processing

The HR Processing package is just that -taking conventional EBSD data and preparing it for High angular Resolution analysis via the cross correlation function (XCF).      


HR Analysis

High angular Resolution Analysis provides a suite of tools for examining the results of EBSD shift measurements -including Principal Strains, Elastic and Plastic Strains and Stresses, Dislocation Densities and more.


CrossCourt4 has been designed to support straightforward importing of your conventional EBSD data with guided preparation and processing steps to get you to your strain and stress analysis activity as painlessly as possible.  It is unique in that it has been built with modularity and extensibility in mind from the very beginning.  Years of working in the world of material science and EBSD software development has told us that we often need to pivot and branch from the established path so although our out-of-the-box solution will get you up and running quickly we know you may need to venture into new territory sometime in the future. Being on the leading edge of materials research requires that your tools can support you and be focused on the task in hand. The CrossCourt4 architecture enables this.

Project Package
HR Processing Package
HR Analysis Package