RMS EBSD 2018 UK April 10th-April 11th

The annual EBSD meeting has been a fixed event on the RMS calendar for over 20 years and we regularly welcome top academics from the UK, European & Global research community. The meeting will not only highlight recent technological advances in the field of EBSD and related instrumentation, but also showcase their applications to real-world problems in both the science & engineering disciplines.

Join BLG Vantage and Acutance Scientific in Plymouth, UK between April 10th- April 11th 2018 and hear about our latest developments around HR EBSD and CrossCourt4. Click Here for more details on the program.



Nature.com: Novel application of HR EBSD in GaP characterisation

Colleagues at Strathclyde University, Oxford University and elsewhere have published a paper detailing a new and interesting application of HR EBSD methods. They show how to use HR EBSD to identify antiphase domains in GaP films and potentially in other materials with similar behaviour. The full paper can be found here at Nature Scientific Reports.