MAS EBSD 2018  23rd – 25th May, Michigan, USA

MAS ESD 2018
Join BLG Vantage State-Side for this year’s US EBSD meeting to be held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Featured speakers include Angus Wilkinson from the University of Oxford presenting work in the field of HR EBSD. He is also organising a tutorial session on HR EBSD during the conference.  For more information follow this link.



RMS EBSD 2018 UK April 10th-April 11th

Another great meeting hosted by RMS this year.  BLG Vantage wish to thank the organisers and everyone who came to visit us at the exhibit booth -existing customers and new, interested individuals. We were also very pleased to host TSL-Solutions Japan on our booth and their excellent line of specimen stages, both tensile and heating, specifically designed for EBSD work. Novel application of HR EBSD in GaP characterisation

Colleagues at Strathclyde University, Oxford University and elsewhere have published a paper detailing a new and interesting application of HR EBSD methods. They show how to use HR EBSD to identify antiphase domains in GaP films and potentially in other materials with similar behaviour. The full paper can be found here at Nature Scientific Reports.