Novel application of HR EBSD in GaP characterisation 

Colleagues at Strathclyde University, Oxford University and elsewhere have published a paper detailing a new and interesting application of HR EBSD methods. They show how to use HR EBSD to identify antiphase domains in GaP films and potentially in other materials with similar behaviour. The full paper can be found here at Nature Scientific Reports.


ICOTOM 2017 November 5th – November 10th 2017


This year ICOTOM is being held in Utah, USA, November 6th-10th. We are excited to be on home territory for this year’s event so please join us in the Fall for the 18th International Conference on Texture of Materials.  Ben Britton and David Dingley are invited speakers.

In keeping with tradition, ICOTOM-18 will foster the fundamental understanding of the basic processes underlying the formation of texture and its relation to the anisotropic properties of polycrystalline materials. With EBSD and other techniques providing textural information from the nano to the macro scale, our understanding of the links between the local orientation and texture evolution and material properties continues to grow.